Perfect Gift Idea For Baby - Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy


Sophie the Giraffe is a distinctive toy fashioned with teething in mind however it is not your usual teething toy. Allowing the toy to be held easily in very small hands is the main feature of most teething toys. What if you could have a teether that not only soothes sore gums however delights baby in quite a few different ways at the same time? Sophie the Giraffe designers feel you can. If you are thinking about obtaining Sophie the Giraffe, then keep reading to see why this is such a great toy for your little one.

Components That are Harmless

Let’s be honest for a moment: many teething toys are produced from terribly toxic or dangerous materials. The materials are generally safe enough to touch, however your child is doing more than that. She or he is chewing on the toy, breaking the material and getting a lot of those compounds and components into their body. Girls and boys are developing such things as developmental problems from the dangerous material ingested by chewing on or playing with toys made with these elements.

There are no concerns such as this when you get your little one Sophie the Giraffe. The material is 100% natural rubber that is both phthalate and BPA free. What this means is that your baby can chew all day without making you be worried about her becoming ill. Not just are the components safe but the paint is food grade.

Soothing to Baby

Not just was Sophie the Giraffe made to assist with teething pain, but to soothe and calm at the same time. This toy is a lot more than simply a teething toy.

Sophie the Giraffe has 3 distinct means of making your little one calm. Gripping Sophie the Giraffe, and holding onto her, is not difficult with her thin legs and neck. Humans connect smell with events and the pleasant aroma of Sophie’s soft rubber allows your child to connect the toy with teething relief.

Squeeze Sophie and she squeaks. Embrace her and she feels soft. Infants enjoy both characteristics. Your baby will not want to be without Sophie. She is a teething toy, an enjoyable toy and a lovey toy.

Your Child’s Senses

Babies develop their senses by exploring their world. Anything you could do to encourage this is a great thing. A lot of experts propose that you get toys for your little one which develops their senses since there are many psychological and physiological advantages.

Sophie the Giraffe is made to entertain and explore all the 5 senses. Your child’s sense of hearing is used as she hears the soft squeaking sound Sophie makes. The soft, flexible rubber means baby will utilize her hands, and sense of touch, to control Sophie as she plays with her.

The sense of sight is ignited by the sweet grin on Sophie the Giraffe and by the contrasting hues of her body. Sophie’s contrasting colors can actually help a little one better their eyesight.

Smell and taste are the last two senses which Sophie the Giraffe helps your baby explore. The taste and smell of natural rubber are very prominent with Sophie, and your youngster will learn to associate this smell with teething and feeling soothed. Just like the other senses, the more your child uses them the greater developed they become

A Toy Which Can easily Last Through Baby

No teething toy is indestructible but it seems few are even built to last for any length of time. Teething happens over years and when your little one is teething they can easily gnaw on their favorite toy for hours on end. Saliva can breakdown the toy causing it to crack or get holes. So what makes Sophie different?

The reviews are in and everybody agrees Sophie can handle the usage. Sometimes you can see some minor paint wear but this isn’t usual. Plan on using Sophie for more than one little one’s teething time.

Even when a little one’s teeth come in you’ll be able to still let her play with and gnaw on Sophie the Giraffe. The all natural rubber can easily endure small teeth also.

Teething Safely

Some teething toys pose good choking hazards, and actually, any teething toy can easily lead to potential choking. Any toy whatsoever, not matter how safe, can easily be stuffed in a baby’s mouth. However Sophie is made so she can be easily removed from baby’s mouth with no risk of ingesting any parts.

Countless teething toys wind up getting stuck inside little one’s mouth posing a genuine choking risk. Sophie the Giraffe won’t ever get stuck in your baby’s mouth because of her big body.

The Very Best Teething Toy For a Baby

There’s no better teething toy anywhere than Sophie the Giraffe. She is soothing and calming, the components are all-natural and non-toxic and she stimulates all 5 of child’s senses. Not just all of that however she’s sturdy and can easily be passed down. Your baby needs Sophie the Giraffe.

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